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Nicole has been an artist since she was four years old and wouldn't let her playmates apply their crayons to their colouring books, insisting that her own drawings were superior, and they could jolly well colour those.

She sold her first painting at six years old, in Bangkok, Thailand, for the staggering sum of 100 baht (five U.S. dollars), to Trans World Airways. Nevertheless deciding to pursue an education, Nicole spent many years dropping in and out of schools and universities all over the world.

She has been a freelance artist, illustrator, designer and photographer both in America and around the globe (not, as you might think, because she is on the lam, but because some clients obstinately reside in other countries). Her paintings and murals, most of which are created on commission, hang in private homes and corporate institutions. The paintings with naughty bits, however, are mostly in her flat.

Nicole's primary motivation in developing a broad portfolio and stable of clients, aside from creating a legacy of powerful, meaningful art (yadda. yadda, yadda), is to support an absurd polo habit. When she is not on the ponies, she surfs, dances tango, and takes lessons in odd activities such as trapeze and flamenco.

Currently, Nicole is writing screenplays for a handful of live action feature films, but don't get your hopes up, she might be rubbish at it. She is working on two books, and has also developed an animated series about a supermodel superhero. To see the promotional trailer video, please do visit

the historically-key,
pissed-off four-year-old-artist
period (the artist’s mom clearly
being crap at cutting hair)

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